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Process / Services

Process / Services

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Our Process

Our clients often arrive already having considered the usual. Clients and their advisors find us to consider their circumstances and objectives and to develop the unusual after traditional financial solutions have been determined to be unsatisfactory. We do not seek different, but sometimes different is what is required to achieve the articulated outcome, delivering extraordinary solutions.

We do not enter into transactions; we build relationships. We facilitate transactions at times to build the relationship and to commit to ensuring that our relationships are well served, heard and understood. We proactively work to build solutions, not waiting until asked. Confidence Financial Partners is the driver, anticipating client needs before the client recognizes that there is a problem that requires solutions. We invest in our clients’ well-being and capitalize our business every day with increased intellectual curiosity and thought while considering, focusing on and driving solutions.

We rarely simply adopt an idea, a plan or a strategy. While not all of our ideas and programs are invented internally, every program we consider undergoes and must pass through a rigorous diligence process before it is ever considered for a client – internally and with external expert advisors. Every plan and program we do adopt and introduce to a client is fully vetted, almost always used within our own personal planning and built to be supported for the expected life of each such program.

Like Wayne Gretzky, we do not skate to where the puck is; we skate to where the puck is going to be. Anticipatory planning is in our DNA and the operative basis for all of our client work throughout our company. This is the difference, the edge and the basis for our extraordinary retention of clients. This is why Confidence Financial Partners is, for many advisors, the secret weapon they reach for when conventional planning is not enough. 

Our Services

At Confidence Financial Partners, we:

  • Help our clients preserve capital, enhance investment yields, reduce and/or eliminate taxes and make the world a better place through philanthropy
  • Show our clients how to amass a large tax-free retirement income with just writing five small checks
  • Design and implement maximum funded insurance contracts under Internal Revenue Code section 7702
  • Arrange liquidity for wealthy clients to pay estate taxes without ever writing a check

We specialize in saving clients significant amounts of taxes by utilizing little known areas of the United States tax code that have stood the test of time. We know how to safely increase your rate of return on your current investments which allows you to grow your wealth faster. We also help clients create a tax-free retirement income that will last for their lifetime - eliminating their concerns about retiring in such a high tax environment.

Our most recent strategy combines the best of life insurance with the benefits of banking to provide an unparalleled cost-effective methodology for building wealth and supplementing retirement income. This new strategy offers relationships with some of the largest banks and most respected life insurance carriers in the world.