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S.M.A.R.T. Banking System

S.M.A.R.T. Banking System

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If what you always thought to be true turned out not to be true, when would you want to know? Now or later?

Americans today are saddled with enormous amounts of debt. We have turned from the financial principles that made our country the most prosperous country in the world, and we have been listening to and learning from a new group of financial commentators. These are supposed experts who appear on TV and talk radio, but their advice is not always in our best interest.

As a nation, we listen to the conventional wisdom of our day which says…

“Work hard at your job and make monthly payments to banks and finance companies for the items you purchased on credit. (Example: homes, cars, boats, second homes, vacations, private schools and universities, furniture and other ‘must have’ items.) You need these things now, don’t wait until you can afford them!”

“Invest in the government sponsored 401(k) Retirement Plan. Make sure you maximize your rate of return on these dollars because you need to get the highest rate if you are going to retire in the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to.”

“You are too busy to know what you should do with your own money, so you’d better turn it over to the banks and Wall Street investment professionals (stock brokers and financial planners) to maximize your returns. They will hire financial commentators like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, and Jim Cramer to educate you as to what you should do with your money.”
By following these teachings, you will make the banks and Wall Street firms prosper exponentially while you systematically transfer your money over to them, away from your use and out of your control.

When did we become a nation of irresponsible spenders instead of diligent savers? Americans today are indoctrinated from the moment we are born to follow the “new” conventional wisdom that is promoted by the financial industry.

“Borrow and don’t lend, spend and don’t save. We can’t succeed financially without the help of the financial commentators, the banks, and the Wall Street professionals.”

This brief guide to the Smart Banking System will show you that you don’t have to risk your hard earned money in order to save for a financially secure future. It will show you how to eliminate the risk from your investments and how to reduce your taxes on all the growth of your money. You will see how you can actually recapture dollars you have been sending to banks, investment firms, and to the IRS, and instead, have that money available to you to provide a tax-free retirement income. Once you understand the truths that the Smart Banking System is built upon, you will enjoy new levels of financial freedom, as you break free from the bondage that the banks and Wall Street firms hope to keep you entangled in for your lifetime!