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In 1638 Roger Eastman set sail from England on a ship named Confidence, and landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Roger Eastman was the first of thirteen generations of Eastmans that have lived and prospered in America. He helped pave the way for the company that takes its name from the ship that brought him to America… Confidence Financial Partners.

Confidence Financial Partners is a second-generation high-end financial boutique. It was started in 1952 by Charles Franklin (Frank) Eastman and is still led by Charles’ son, Earl R. Eastman, who followed his father into the business in 1977.

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Frank had a very successful career, and helped his clients in Northeastern Pennsylvania and South Florida reduce their taxes and grow their assets, utilizing rock solid financial products and strategies undergirded by the utmost character and integrity.

Frank mentored Earl over the course of his career. In 1990, Earl relocated the firm to Southern California, with offices in San Diego, and in Palm Desert, California.

Earl pioneered the use of educational seminars to reach a large audience, teaching them his “Zero Tax Strategies.” Earl served a national clientele, helping them to reduce their tax liabilities, protect and grow their assets, and provide a guaranteed income for their retirement years.

In 2006 Earl developed a significant health issue, which led him to sell his company to a New York stock exchange company, and retire from the day-to-day activities of running his company. Even though his work activity stopped, his mind did not, and in the quiet of his recuperating days, Earl began to analyze and critique the principles he was taught by some of the largest financial institutions in America. Over the course of his thirty-year career he had witnessed significant changes in the financial arena that presently affect all Americans.

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The financial products and strategies that were once designed for the betterment of the client became focused on the betterment of the Wall Street firms that were designing these new products. The late 1970’s were marked by the passage of the ERISA tax laws and the introduction of 401-K retirement plans. The Wall Street financial firms saw it as an opportunity to develop products that fattened their pockets, as well as the pockets of the brokers and advisors that promoted them, in contrast to improving the client’s situation.

When the financial markets imploded in 2008, it brought clarity to the research and analysis Earl had been working on. It became Earl’s passion to help people take the necessary steps needed to protect themselves from the adverse effects of these harmful strategies.

Leaving A Legacy

Earl is a man of strong Judeo-Christian faith, and he studies the Scriptures to learn the universal financial truths that bring peace and calm to people’s lives. He found that the tried and proven principles that had been responsible for building this country into one of the strongest in history, had been replaced by philosophies concerning money and it’s proper application that have weakened our country and have brought financial chaos to our everyday lives.

Earl discovered that it is safe and protected savings that consistently earn the miracle of uninterrupted compounding, which in turn enables people to grow their assets exponentially. He uses those areas of the tax code that provide the most protection from taxation, but are little known by the majority of people. For the most part these principles are utilized only by the very affluent as their preferred way of accumulating money in a tax-free environment.

Having the opportunity to work again subsequent to his health issues, Earl came back to work on a full time basis, to teach once again his Zero Tax Strategies to clients, and help them achieve their financial dreams. He teaches, “It’s not how much you make on your money that counts, but how much you get to keep, that matters most.” This is what offers the opportunity for true financial freedom.

Three Books

Having the right kind of tax diversification can have a huge impact on the success of one’s financial goals. Earl shows his clients how to utilize the tax-free areas of the IRS code to maximize their returns, and their income. Earl developed The Smart Banking System around those laws, which allows clients to recapture the interest and fees that typically get paid to the commercial banks and Wall Street financial institutions. As a result, his clients have that money to build retirement income for their own use and enjoyment. He also teaches his clients how to increase the rate of return on all of their other investments by utilizing his Dual Compounding Strategy that allows them to increase their returns by as much as 50%.

For over sixty years, Confidence Financial Partners strategies are based upon maintaining safety, liquidity, and control of one’s money, eliminating market volatility, allowing for tax-free accumulation and tax-free distribution of money, and providing alternative investment options that guarantee income for life.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a recent study that looked at the investing habits of the affluent. The study pointed out that the main difference between those who were wealthy and those who were not, was that the wealthy focus on “Not loosing their principal”… ever.

Warren Buffet, who is widely considered the most successful investor of the 21st century, has two rules for investing:

  1. Don’t lose money.
  2. Don’t forget rule number one.

Not losing money, and actually multiplying it, is what defines being a good steward of one’s financial resources. So the question to ask is, why does the average American speculate on the market and “invest” the majority of their retirement money in the stock market? It is because humans tend toward being followers, rather than leaders. That is why Confidence Financial Partners teaches their clients wise, and timeless financial alternatives for investing that have been around for over a hundred years so they can lead instead of follow. The problem for the average consumer for the most part is that only banks, fortune 500 companies, and the very affluent normally are aware of them and utilize them. For these groups, the majority of their money is in protected places…places where they can have access, control, and guarantees.

Confidence Financial Partners focuses on proven and tax-efficient solutions that maximize our client’s financial potential. Our solutions incorporate four foundational pillars that protect and optimize our client’s assets: (1) Principal protection, (2) Participation in market gains, not market losses, (3) Tax-free accumulation, and (4) Tax-free distributions.

The result is that we help our clients become good stewards of the financial resources that have been entrusted to them, so they can do good to others, make a positive difference in the world, and leave lasting legacies for their families.

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