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Confidence Financial Partners

Confidence Financial Partners was formed with the goal of harnessing the extraordinary planning and strategies that have been implemented for nearly seven decades by various companies within the Eastman family of companies. We provide a planning perspective that first captures and articulates our clients’ objective(s) and then reaches into our deep technical and experiential knowledge through an iterative process that explores common and obvious solutions but more often than not rests with unique and creative approaches to client challenges.

Our culture encourages intellectual curiosity. Unlike financial firms that promote packaged financial solutions or consultants who wait for clients to identify problems and then seek solutions, we invest deeply in R&D. And, armed with suppositions founded on such work, we invest in determining the efficacy of such suppositions and developing solutions in advance of the potential problems occurring.


As change is inevitable and the pace of change continues to accelerate, Confidence Financial Partners invests heavily in research and development. The unique nature of our work is reflected in our extensive and growing library of proprietary, trademarked programs and financial solutions. This body of intellectual property covers decades of research and millions of dollars to create, refine and deploy. Then study, refine and re-release anew. All of our work embraces the pervasive principle that, over the long duration of our plans, remaining attuned and adaptable to change is an ongoing requirement to fulfilling our commitment to our clients.

Our Culture

Our unique approach to financial services – tax reduction planning, cashflow management, asset protection, life insurance services, finance, consulting, financial advisory – stems from our orientation that increasingly appears to differ from other financial firms. We invest in people and relationships. Products and programs emerge from understanding clients and having broad knowledge, not selling packaged products and programs and searching for how to place them. We learn. We listen. We develop. We design. We educate. We implement. We fix things. We handle things. We care. Clients and advisors find us, often after concluding that conventional planning isn’t good enough. We have an unending thirst for knowledge. Such knowledge, when combined with creativity and competence, has proven to be a powerful means by which we have built the infrastructure of our company, culture, staff development and reputation.

At Confidence Financial Partners, good enough is not acceptable. Excellence – performing at a constant and consistent high level, delivering integrity and quality of work that is continually stressed and pressed to be better – is simply a way of life. Being proud of what we do and how we do it, feeling good about achieving a result, inventing something new, solving a pressing client problem – all are great results we look to deliver every day. And, after occasionally taking a breath and stepping away to review what worked and what did not, how we achieved our goals and how we fell short, considering how to learn from failures and repeat successes and then, as the new day arrives, begin again. Only each time, we strive to be a bit better.